CompITS -Computerized Impact Testing System. The CompITS combines a custom built gravity driven impacter with a load cell and LVDT to measure the impact characteristics of sports shoes and shoe materials or components, such as footbeds. CompITS is motorized and fully computer controlled. Data is gathered and displayed via your own PC and an A/D card provided with the CompITS. Complies with ASTM F 1614-95: Test Method for Shock Attenuating Properties of Materials Systems for Athletic Footwear.

  • Dimensions: 42 X 78 X 96(cm)
  • Weight: approx. 230 lbs.
  • Rate of Impact: adjustable but typically approx. nine seconds per cycle.
  • Impact Specifications: 8.5 kg drop mass, typically, but can be varied easily.
  • Motor lifts missile between drops.
  • Missle head diameter 45 mm, rolled edge.
    Conforms to ASTM F 1614-95.
  • Incorporates:
    Kistler Load Cell 9712A500
    Kistler Coupler 5120
    Schaevitz LVDT 3000 DC-D
  • Requires: Pentium or better PC with an open slot and running Win 95 or newer; a sturdy test platform or instrumentation table is recommended.
  • Now Shipping with ImpPlus 3.0 Software!

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