Shoe Flexer - Dynamic Shoe Flexibility Tester. Angular position and moment are monitored during a user-defined series of flexes of the whole shoe on this motor-driven tester. Data can be gathered from the load cell and the angle sensor (potentiometer) via A/D computer link. Custom software available for data collection and analysis. The major advantages of our Shoe Flexer's design are: forefoot is loaded to simulate the real world situation; data are collected dynamically (static tests may be invalid); and rate of flexion simulates real conditions.

  • Motor-driven dynamic tester
  • 49 X 45 X 55(cm)
  • Weight: approx. 65 lbs.
  • Rate of Flex: ~ 3 flexes per second
  • Flex angles 30, 45, 60 degrees
  • Number of flexions user defined
  • Incorporates:
    Kistler Load Cell 9712A50
    Kistler Coupler 51158A2
    Midori Green Pot Angle Sensor CP-2FCB

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