Kistler Model 9285

Multicomponent Force Platform with Glass Top Plate

The Kistler 9285 multi-component force measuring plate has a clear glass top for applications where it is desired to video or film contact with the force platform while measuring ground reaction forces.

The outputs of the four 3-component force sensors are internally combined into 8 channels to allow force and torque measurements in all three axes. The following parameters can be measured and or calculated using Kistler's BioWare software (not included) or other force platform software:

Force and moment measurements in all three axes

Coordinates of the center of pressure (COP), coefficient of friction

Vertical (frictional) torque (Tz, torque about center of pressure)

Power and energy

Movement of center of mass in all three axes

Included are the force platform (Serial Number: 204029), a complete set of charge amplifiers (Kistler Model 5004 Dual Mode Amplifiers), and some, but not all, of the cables needed to operate the force platform. According to the previous owner this force measuring system was working and providing good data within the last year. The previous owner has also told us that the system was "re-calibrated" by Kistler within the last two years.

Condition: The platform and electronics appear to be in excellent condition with one minor exception. There is a small chip in the glass on the top surface. Although it is a small chip and does not impede use in any way, it could be repaired using standard windshield glass repair techniques. We have not initiated this repair as we would rather that the new owners make that decision after consultation with Kistler.

To the best of our knowledge this system is in good working order, but we are selling it "as is". We will not provide any warranty. However, we would cooperate with a potential buyer, if they want to arrange, at their expense, for Kistler to check out the system prior to purchase.

Technical Data on the 9285 is available on line at Kistler's website at:

Mass of Force Platform and plate = 45 kg. W = 400 mm; L = 600 mm; H =100 mm

Price (FOB Exeter, NH): $5000

Contact:, or, call: 603-772-1099